Solar System, vertical alignment necklace

Solar System vertical alignment  necklace .:. £80

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Created to represent the colour of the planets and relationship between each, but of course both Saturn and Jupiter would be larger than represented here. Jupiter could contain all the other planets in our solar system together and the bead would be unwearable! So, for this necklace Saturn and Jupiter are presented as smaller versions.

The pendant is strung on 19 strand jewellery wire and crimped at each end and then hung from a sterling silver snake chain. In between each gemstone bead there are sterling silver tubes and beads.

  • Sterling silver snake chain: - 16" (40cm) long
  • Pendant: - 6.5" (16.5cm) long & 0.75" (2cm) wide

“I love it!” Jane

MERCURY / haematite
VENUS / soochow jade
EARTH / apatite
MARS / red agate
JUPITER / red banded agate
SATURN / wood jasper
URANUS / amazonite
NEPTUNE / blue banded agate

The image shown here is an example of how the Vertical Alignment Solar System necklace will look. I carefully choose semi precious beads that look appropriate for each planet, but as the pieces are created from natural gemstones they will differ from piece to piece.